Defenestration “Gutter Perdition”

Band: Defenestration
Title: Gutter Perdition
Label: XenoKorp
Date: February 9, 2018
Country: France

Forming in 2014, Defenestration are a four-piece death metal band from France who have a demo (Ordinary Violence) and a new EP titled Gutter Perdition.
This five-track release features some crunchy guitar tones accompanied by guttural vocals and superb drumming which all together, adds to the fury of this American influenced EP. Palm muted, chugging guitar riffs can be heard at times in both the fast parts and the slower heavy groove parts of the songs, along with fast speed picking and harmonies with occasional breaks where a rumbling trebly bass comes through revealing its snarl. With the type of low guttural vocals applied, to the break downs within the song structures and the tempos used with the drumming techniques, there is a fair comparison and feel of the likes of Cannibal Corpse and maybe a touch of Vader as well. Overall, this has a great combination of old school and brutal death metal that keeps a strong sense of rhythm and catchiness throughout. It will be interesting to hear more from Defenestration and what they will offer us in the future. 9/10 Wolven Deadsoul



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