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Tune in to @BlessedAltarZin each month for my “Sinday Sermon” from the Pulpit of Deception… Where I’ll reveal my Top 5 Most Played Albums for the previous month! May be a brand new release I haven’t reviewed, an absolute Classic or perhaps that obscure record that hasn’t hit your turntable in ages…

August 2018 Top 5 Most Played Albums

S. O. D. : Stormtroopers Of Death
“Speak English Or Die”
Megaforce Records MRI 1269
Released: August 30th, 1985
*Perhaps the first hardcore/crossover release? Violent, Over the Top & absolutely Hilarious! Dan Lilker, Charlie Benante, Scott Ian & Billy Milano creating a cataclysmic collaboration of the sorts that still resonates today. This album deserves to be in every respectable metalhead’s collection!
Favorite Track: Sargent “D” & the S.O.D.

“Suspended Sentence”
Steamhammer SHLP 7003
Released: 1987
*Satan has always had a knack to capture the magic of the NWOBHM, but maintaining much higher standards than their contemporaries in writing, delivery and musicality. Also the period of the band with Michael Jackson on vocals who would be in place as both Satan & Pariah which the band had morphed into by the late 80’s.
Favorite Track: Avalanche of a Million Hearts

“Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty”
Napalm Records NPR LP 127
Released: November 3, 2003
*Their first two releases were much more on the Blackish side then this mix of Paganism, Folky Viking Lore…It is simply an Epic Release! The album with much cleaner vocals, complex arrangements and an array of acoustics, brilliant choirs, battle horns and much more. A magnificent album to be played in its entirety!
Favorite Track: …As Long As Winds Will Blow…

“Blackened Wings”
Midnite Collective
Released: August 26, 2018
*When this one track release found its way to me via a recommendation, I immediately went to Bandcamp to secure a copy! “Blackened Wings” is a 12:05 masterpiece from these Southern Californian Death Doomers…And I honestly haven’t stopped listening since first hearing it! Soaked in Suffering, Misery & a Slow Tortured delivery that you must investigate for yourself…Highly Recommend!
Favorite Tack: Blackened Wings (Only Track!)

Innumerable Forms
“Punishment In Flesh”
Profound Lore Records PFL-186
Released: August 17, 2018
*Boston based Innumerable Forms have released their furious death metal debut…“Punishment In Flesh”! Already need to get on CD or Vinyl soon as my Cassette is withering from this vicious Death/Doom punisher of a recording!
Favorite Track: Re-Contanimated

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