IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in September 2018

THE KEY KEEPER’S TOP 5 ALBUMS played in September (In no particular order)

BLACK ALTAR – “Death Fanaticism” (Poland)
Released by Antichristian Front Records in LP Gatefold
Very good this Polish Black Metal band. Maybe the best album from them.

HARGNE – “Réaction” (France)
Released in LP format by Seedstock Records
Black Metal with some punk touches and mixed with industrial sound. Strange but good.

SAXON  – “Rock The Nations” (UK)
Released by Back on Black in colored DLP
Well… Not the best album for me. But still, it’s a good damn album

BLACK WITCHERY – “Desecration of the Holy Kingdom” (USA)
Released by Nuclear War Now! Productions in CD format.
This is pure devastation, pure hate on the vocals. Very good.

MY FUNERAL – “Violence Academy” (Finland)
Released by Morbid Syndicate in CD format.
The last album from the Finnish Death Thrash Metal band. It’s not the most amazing band but they do it correctly.

The Key Keeper

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