IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in September 2018

September brought me really a lot of new releases to enjoy. Actually, some of them are among the best albums released in 2018. (My Top 10 was hard to compile). I tried to listen to most of the stuff actively, without missing big names or UG. I think most of September releases will be for sure played a lot in the next months too. 

On top come all the spins I gave for the reviews and interviews for Blessed Altar Zine, which I don’t count for the list below. And of course let’s not forget the glorious Years of Decay: 1991 publication, where all BAZ members returned to one of the best years in metal history!

Honestly, with so many music is hard to say which is the most played, but still:

BAST – Nanoångström (2019)
This album will be out in the end of January 2019, but I believe it will be among my top records for next year. It is a superb, really superb mix of mostly black, doom, sludge, variety, heaviness and enormous heart. Absolute fire! (naturally no video or any link available…)

HAUNT – Burst Into Flame (2018)
Speaking of fire and quality records, it is obvious that Haunt’s new one is such. I’ve already mentioned my thoughts about the importance of “Burst into Flame” in my review here. The album is so good, so sticky and enjoyable, with that dose of nostalgia… For sure among the best albums of 2018 for me.

WOLFHEART – Constellation Of The Black Light (2018)
Having the digital stream promo almost a month before the release of this album was a celebration for me. The album is probably the Album Of The Year 2018.

THE ETERNAL – Waiting For The Endless Dawn (2018)
Again continuation from my August spins. Magnificent album with so much heart and soul. My review here.

MONSTROSITY – The Passage of Existence (2018)
The glorious return! I really didn’t expect that the death metal veterans would deliver us such a powerful record. A death metal benchmark!

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