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Tune in to @BlessedAltarZin at the beginning of each month for my “Sinday Sermon” from the Pulpit of Deception… Where I’ll reveal my Top 5 Most Played Albums for the previous month! May be a brand new release I haven’t reviewed, an absolute Classic or perhaps that obscure record that hasn’t hit your turntable in ages…

September has released several truly impressive recordings in another magical year for metal releases. Coming in all forms and formats we continue the renaissance that started in 2015. Here’s the albums I listened to the most this month and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

September 2018 Top 5 Most Played Albums

SEPULCHER – “Panoptic Horror” (Edged Circle Productions)
Released: September 14th, 2018

The Norwegian Death/Thrash outfit dropped their 2nd long player and it’s truly a superb release! Making a major leap forward from their debut Sepulcher’s “Panoptic Horror” is easily one of the better releases of 2018 and should be immediately added to your playlists. ‘Ethereal Dream’, ‘Abyssal Horror’, ‘Corporeal Vessels’ and the otherworldly ‘Towards an Early Rupture’ are the highlights for an album that start to finish is so impressive. Can’t stop recommending this album…

Favorite Track: Towards an Early Rupture


DIABOLIC FORCE – “Praise of Satan” (Hells Headbangers Records HELLS 215)
Released: September 14th, 2018

The sinister power-trio Diabolic Force who take early influence from the likes of Venom & Motörhead mixed with their South American roots in the vein of Sarcofago. These Brazilian bangers bringing immediate, nasty and diabolical ferocity in the form of “Praise of Satan”! ‘Satan’s Power’, ‘Blasphemic Sound’, ‘Black Light Damnation’ & ‘The Circle’ have been on continuous play in September with their Old School sound seared in darkness. 

Favorite Track: The Circle

MORNE – “To The Night Unknown” (Armageddon Label)
Released: September 7th, 2018

Boston’s Morne release their fourth album “To The Night Unknown” and it is one crushing slab of doom! Literally this record has been on repeat since receiving it, with its immense and ruthless delivery…the album is just so damn heavy in a year where doom has reigned supreme! The impressive title track, along with  ‘Scorn’, ‘Not Our Flame’ and ‘The Blood Is Our Own’ will keep you coming back for more and more of the brilliant “To The Night Unknown”. Now to carefully re-investigate their back catalogue for which didn’t leave as much of an impression?

Favorite Track: To the Night Unknown

ASSASSIN – “The Upcoming Terror” (Steamhammer SHLP 7001)
Released: June 3rd, 1987

German Thrash Metal at its finest! Being an underground band at the time of the release Assassin didn’t quite get off the deck as contemporaries Destruction or Sodom; however being released in a time where so many Thrash anthems existed it was a competitive and crowded landscape. However “The Upcoming Terror” with its fantastic Album Cover Art and uncompromising speed, precision and delivery made this album an instant classic upon first listening back in the day. ’Bullets’, ‘Holy Terror’, ‘The Last Man’ & ’ Nemesis’ will harken you back to your special place where 80’s Old School Trash Metal demanded and commanded your ultimate attention!

Favorite Track: Nemesis

EXCITER – “Long Live The Loud” (Music For Nations MFN47/Combat Records MX8023)
Released: 1985

Despite the fact that Exciter was and never will be a top-tier band, their importance to the genre is unquestioned. “Long Live the Loud” was the bands third long player released in as many years along with the “Feel the Knife” EP. That was a lot of Exciter in a short period time and the era of the band where they were highly influential as well. Best tracks on the album being ‘Beyond the Gates of Doom’, ‘I Am the Beast’, ‘Victims of Sacrifice’, ‘Sudden Impact’ & the Epic ten minute closer ‘Wake Up Screaming’. Frequently revisiting “Long Live the Loud” more than the debut or “Violence & Force” over the years has cemented its place on my ultimate playlist. If you haven’t played in a while or even at all, allow your turntable the pleasure of its company the first chance you get.

~ My God it knows what Im feeling, Then I wake up screaming…

Favorite Track: Wake Up Screaming

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