IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in January 2019

THE KEY KEEPER’S TOP 5 ALBUMS played in January (in no particular order)

Another month is gone. January till now already gave us plenty of good releases but I still listen to other releases. The following ones palyed a lot in my stereo / car / etc etc…  

GRAMMA VEDETTA – Proof of Concept
Release: 29 October 2018
Label: Independent

This rock band based in South London and they play a very good Grunge / Rock / Stoner. Just listen them and you will understand why I listen to them…



ACHERONTAS – Faustian Ethos
Release: 18 May 2018
Label: Agonia Records

ACHERONTAS… I love this band. The way they do the well knowned Hellenic Black Metal. Just wonderful. They have better releases in my opinion, but this release is also very good. Just listen to them.



UUNTAR – Voorvaderverering
Release: 20 March 2018
Label: Heidens Hart Records

Pagan Black Metal. UUNTAR for me is the one the bands that show us, that simple riffs can make a very good songs can make a very good album.  This is the first release of them, but the people behind this band, have been on the underground for many years.



AD PATRES – A Brief Introduction to Human Experiments
Release: 15 February 2019
Label: Xenokorp

Tchhhhh. I already review this album here on the Black Friday Reco IV. So… I will not comment anything more. Just



Release: 04 August 2003
Label: Relapse Records

Sadly (at least for me) they are gone. I have a few releases of them. But what I have… I just love. Grindcore is a style that I do not listen many times, but this band… Tchhhhh… Amazing.


Till next month 

The Key Keeper

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