IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in January 2019


ZOETROPE – Amnesty (1985)
Because: It is a SCK! Stone Cold Klassik! Bought this as a blind buy in ’85 purely on the look of the band and the buy-line that stated ‘For Speed Metal Death Metal addicts”. Strictly the band played aggressive Hardcore Street Metal. Brilliantly conceived and delivered with passion and a pure take no prisoners attitude. RIP also to Barry Stern – the best vocalist/drummer of his kind!

LAST CRACK – Burning Time (1991)
Because: If there is a band that did not get the recognition it deserved in the 90’s it was Wisconsin’s Progressive Groove/Psychedelic Groove Metal act ‘Last Crack’. This was an oddball, wacked out trippy affair that called for concentration and time investment to fully grasp its impact. Passionate and epic in delivery with the outstanding vocals of frontman Buddo coming off like a jacked off Jim Morrison. Brilliant!

DARKSEED – Spellcraft (1997)
Because: Back in my 90’s radio days I spent a lot of time playing all these Euro Gothic Metal bands – Crematory, Theatre of Tragedy, Beseech, To/Die/For etc…and Germany’s ‘Darkseed’ – obviously I found some time in January to listen to Spellcraft – arguably their best in an extensive catalogue.


JUNKYARD – Junkyard (1989)
Because: When I want some late 80’s sleazy bluesy hard rock, I’d much rather the Junkyard debut than Appetite For Destruction. Blooze, Shot in the Dark, Life Sentence, Can’t Hold Back and the klassik ‘Hands Off’…what a record!


SKREW – Dusted (1994)
Because: In ’94 I had a great time trawling bins for any ‘Ministry’ inspired industrial Metal! Optimum Wound Profile, Pitchshifter, Misery Loves Co and this band Texan outfit ‘Skrew’. Dusted is their 2nd of 5 albums and for me, probably their most cohesive. Love ‘Picasso Trigger’ and the epic Eastern flavoured ‘Mouthful of Dust’. As a side bit of trivia – Guitarist Adam Grossman actually ended up on Ministry’s ’03 album ‘Animositisomnia.’


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