IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in MAY 2019

May’s gone..It’s been HUGE month filled with new releases. I’m doubt that we remember the old releases anymore. In the first Sunday of the month we present you In Rotation again, where we list five of our most PLAYED albums during the past month. For the first time there are many albums which are repeated in more than one list of the Zine members…But check it yourself. 

Enjoy our In Rotation article, the great music, but most of all enjoy your Sunday!

Click here to see The Key Keeper’s list

Click here to see Goth Mark’s list

Click here to see Count Vlad’s dominions list

Click here to see KMaN’s Chained to the Racks list

Click here to see Metal Gentleman’s list

Click here to see Yeti’s list

Click here to see Harald’s list


Truly Yours,
The Blessed Altar Zine Team

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