IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in July 2019

July was a good month for me. In all the free time that I had, I was listening to music. My metal music. Many records were played. Some just one or two times, others, many many times. To be honest, I could remember what played most, but the following list I can say that they played more than 3 times…

CREST OF DARKNESS (Nor) “In The Presence Of Death” 2013
My Kingdom Music

I had the first contact with this band around 2001 or 2002 and they already 3 albums released and 1 EP released that time. The first impression was good and I started to listen to them. In this release, they show a good mix of Black Death Metal. Check them…

KHORS (Ukr) “Mysticism” 2014
Svarga Music

This is not the first edition of this amazing album. This is the re-release in digipack. I love this album. Well, I love all the releases from this band. The way they do Black Metal is very good.

BESATT (Pol) “Tempus Apocalipsis” 2012
Witching Hour Productions

This is another band that I really love and I’m following them almost since the beginning. Very good.

INQUISITOR (Lit) “The Quantum Theory of Id” 2010
Forgotten Path Records

For me, this release is one of the best Avantgarde Black Metal albums ever made. Very good…

ATARAXIE (Fra) “Slow Transcending Agony” 2005
Weird Truth Productions

This is good, very good. I love this release. Funeral Doom at is best… No more words needed…

Till next month

The Key Keeper

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