IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in July 2019


Brymir – Wings of Fire – 2019
Wings of Fire was a welcoming record from Brymir this year after having waited for another full length album since 2016. The Finns just got it; there is no denying it really. Ride on, Spirit stuck with me immediately and I understood why it was released as a single the year before as well as being featured on the record.

2 Wolves – …Our fault – 2019
Finns, again. Again, they just got it. I praised this album earlier this year when I reviewed it and since then has been a regular on my playlist. The impact Tuhat Kertaa and The fault is Ours is still as deep as it was when I first heard it. Just brilliant.

Meadows End – The Sufferwell – 2014
Surprise surprise. Meadows End is on my list. Released in 2014 this album just…makes me feel better. There is no way to pick a favorite track really, Kings of Greed, Trench of Souls, Reap and Insurrection are just a few honorable mentions from a record I just can’t get enough of.

BrightStorm – Through the Gates – 2017
I am anxiously waiting for something more from BrightStorm these days. Following them closely on Facebook to keep up this group has still only produced this one full length album in 2017 along with an EP from 2014. I suppose I can admit that I am a sucker for symphonic metal and the mesmerizing voice of Naimi Stephanie is just delightful.

Skálmöld – Börn Loka – 2012
As an Icelander I for one do hold on to the old good stuff native to my people. As a second full length album, Börn Loka became a major hit back in 2012 and has remained as one of the best records ever produced by this folksy viking metal band who have through the years taken the world by storm, touring with bands such as Alestorm as well as performing with the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra with great success. Most recently the boys performed at Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium 2019 as well as Heavy Montréal 2019. Even so, the classic hits from Börn Loka will never grow tired or be left out of their shows, or my own rotation, and the goosebumps from hearing Gleipnir, Miðgarðsormur and Narfi will never subside.


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