IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in July 2019


FLOTSAM & JETSAM – Cuatro (1992)

Because: 4th album. I have a real soft spot for this album. A much more coherent effort than ‘Storm (3rd album) yet clearly on a more mainstream path that anything you’d find on their klassik 1st & 2nd. Flawed, but still worthy.


Because: 2nd album. Not quite the ball-tearer the ’88 debut was, but still a mighty fine Hard Rock/Biker Metal album from this NYC outfit. All over after ’93. Reformed and still kicking ass as we speak! Cue: Last Call Rosie!

BATHORY – Blood on Ice (1996)

Because: 9th album. The ‘lost’ Bathory album. Written in ’89, released in ’96. Concept album that serves as a connector to the Hammerheart/Twilight/Nordland affairs. Epic as fkk, but marred by a questionable drum production!

OBITUARY – Frozen in Time (2005)

Because: 6th album and first in 8 years at the time of release. Very much built on the mid-tempo death/groove style we saw arrive with ’94s World Demise. As a comeback, you can’t complain. Bottom line: Listen to more Obituary!

HELLOWEEN – The Dark Ride (2000)

Because: 9th album. Last with Grapow + Kusch. One of, if not Helloween’s “least” power metal albums. Miles off the Keeper style, opting instead for a harder/darker/melancholic tone. An often forgotten period in my eyes.


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