IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in July 2019


This month I’ll share some albums that I listened to help me cope with the loss of someone dear to me. They all are heavily cathartic in their own way.

Bell witch – Four Phantoms
When it comes to modern funeral doom, I believe this album could be considered a classic. Describing four gruesome deaths in poetic detail, this record never ceases to leave me in awe.

Depicting Abysm – Passage
Depressive black metal that directly plucks the heart strings. Guaranteed to make the sunniest of days seem bleak.

Wear Your Wounds – Rust on the gates of heaven
I’m not entirely sure how to label this band. It was created by Jacob Bannon of Converge, but it sounds nothing like it. Whenever I listen to this album it renders me motionless while my thoughts are wreaking havoc in my mind.

Isenordal – Shores of Mourning
It’s a shame this band isn’t more well known. This record is simply stunning. The very first time I heard it, I shed a few tears. And for me that is almost unheard of.

Loss – Despond
I want to close this list with most fitting album for grieving. Despond has a very unique sound. While the funeral doom aesthetic is still there, it all seems very personal. Instead of exploring a cavernous cold crypt, you sit in a dark room and weep. The growled, yet gentle vocals complement this characteristic, making Despond an essential listen.

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