IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in August 2019


This second part of the year comes with stomping and with the whole arsenal of new albums,
sometimes too much to handle up to everything.
I am lucky to have enough time to listen to music, on the daily morning walk with my earphones, when I sit in front of my computer to work or read the news. Then in the afternoon, it is always nice to put a CD on the sound system while I drink mate, our typical drink and in the evenings before bedtime, there is always time to listen to the recommendations or the usual classics
This past August I’ve been listening to some of the ones that come next.

INEXORUM – Lore of the Lakes (2018)

Debut album from the USA based melodic death/black band Inexorum with 5 excellent songs, stunning quality recording, amazing sound. A beautiful album that you must give an opportunity. I really enjoy this record a lot.


WORMWOOD – Nattarvet (2019)

I was caught by Wormwood at the very first moment that I heard this album. It´s a beautiful record, so emotional, so inspiring. From the beginning to the end, Nattarvet delivers a perfect blend of styles, melodic, aggressive, peaceful, with songs like ´The Achromatic Road´ and the longest of the album ´The Isolationist´ that takes you to another mood dimension. Swedish melodeath quality. A piece of art..

HAMMERFALL – Dominion (2019)

I am a HammerFall fan from their first album. Dominion continues to bring us what has marked the band from the beginning, Energy, brilliant composition and songwriting, beautiful melodies, fast and furious songs with amazing guitar solos and the incredible voice of Joacim Cans that it remains solid and immutable over the years. HammerFall fan hordes will be brought to the top once again with this album. Raise your fist and sing!

EVILFEAST – Elegies of the Stellar Wind (2017)

The polish one man (GrimSpirit) project Evilfeast released their last full-lenght album `Elegies of the Stellar Wind` on december 2017. This atmospheric black metal masterpiece should be in a constat playlist of any BM enthusiast. The artwork, the music, the songwriting and all the elements of this album is perfect in my opinion. Cold, raw, perfect.

2 WOLVES – …Our Fault (2019)

I´ve found this album searching for the new 2019 releases. Finnish doom, melodeath band with five members brings us their fourth full-length on April. …Our Fault has 9 tracks for a total running time 43:12 minutes. Great album.



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