IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in August 2019





THE FIRSTBORN (Por) “From the Past Yet to Come” 2000
Guardians of Metal

The Firstborn, previously named Firstborn Evil and this album “From the Past Yet to Come” is the first one with the new name. This album is a good release from the Portuguese Black Metal underground.

ETERNAL HELCARAXE (Irl) “To Whatever End” 2010

I remember doing the trade directly with the band in the same year that the EP was released. Very good this EP.




ONIRIK (Por) “Spectre” 2007
Nightmare Productions

The first album from this very good Portuguese Black Metal band. 



ADRENICIDE (Uk) “War Begs No Mercy” 2010

Slaney Records

If you like Thrash Metal and Crossover you must to grab this album.



HROSSHARSGRANI (Aut) “…Of Battles, Ravens and Fire”
CCP Records

If you are into folk music and some Viking music this is for you.



Till next month

The Key Keeper

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