IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in August 2019


Insomnium – One For Sorrow – 2011

What is it about the fall that just kicks in the longing to keep every single album Insomnium has ever released in a one big loop? As I wait eagerly for the next album scheduled for a release next month, I like to regularly keep these guys on the playlist, of course to enjoy the ever present dark and gloomy feel of living on a lonely rock in the middle of nowhere. My favorite track ever released by this band surely would be Through the Shadows, taken from this brilliant record from 2011.

Eluveitie – Everything Remains (as it never was) – 2010

With Slania behind them and classic tracks such as Inis Mona, it almost seems as a blasphemy to remind people that Eluveitie continued as a band after their previous brilliance. Everything Remains (As it Never Was) was the fourth album from the Swiss folk metal band released in 2010 and in my opinion was no less of a brilliance. Thousandfold, Isara and Quoth the Raven stick forever and join their previous work on the high pedestal I had set them on before.

Lacuna Coil – Shallow life – 2009

Somewhat of a 180° turn for Lacuna Coil was Shallow Life in 2009. The vibe of Heaven´s a lie was no longer there and the band explored what felt like a completely different path. Not quite as good as what they had done before, but I Won´t tell You, I Like It, Spellbound, The Maze and of course Shallow Life were all very catchy tracks to me.

Sabaton – The Great War – 2019

As a hard core Sabaton fan I waited for this one for as long as anyone else. History exists and Sabaton writes it down. Released just this summer, this ninth album from the Swedish power metal band reflects the never ending brilliance these guys never seem to run out of. Tracks such as Fields of Verdun and The Red Baron carry the sound Sabaton has been maintaining for the past 20 years and will let no power metal fan down.

Týr – Eric the Red – 2003

I refuse to believe it’s been 16 years since Eric the Red” was released by Týr. The Faroese Viking folk metal band is nowhere done today with their work and had a new release earlier this year. But even so the old stuff still lingers around in the form of Regin Smiður, The Wild Rover and Ólavur Riddararós. Make sure to someday catch these guys live, the spirit and energy they keep up on the stage is like no other!


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