IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in August 2019


August. Work, summer holidays at the seaside, work. Music. It’s been a good month. I had the time to listen to and explore lots of albums. I discovered some great tunes. Others were repeatedly played, and I’m going to list 5 or 6 here, in no particular order. The funny part is that I listened to a lot of black metal (again) in this sunny month. Well, and some new thrash as well. 

ASAGRAUMDawn of Infinite Fire 2019

The upcoming ASAGRAUM album (officially out on 13 September) was almost constant part of my sunny summer holidays at the sea. How appropriate is that! I really like this album and for sure it is already in my AOTY 2019 list. “Dawn of Infinite Fire” is a monstrous black metal record, with fantastic tremolos and huge bass line. It is definitely a step forward for Obscura and her approach for the music.  There is a lot of going on in ASAGRAUM’s new release, so make sure not to miss it. Highly recommended!

VICTIMS – The Horse and the Sparrow Theory

I saw the recommendation of this album by Steve “The VynilHunter” on twitter and I immediately check it. Out in the very last days of June 2019, this is a massive album combining lethal crust, hardcore, punk mix, VICTIMS are our there since 1987, real legends! Full with political and environmental messages, “The Horse and the Sparrow Theory” is a mandatory album in 2019!

IMPALED NAZARENE – Suomi Finland Perkele

OK, this is a special album for me. One of those who served as a gateway to the black metal for me back in 1994. I still consider it as one of the finest, the best ever black metal albums ever released. It has it all – speed, awesome riffs, aggression, melody. Absolute KLASSIK! 

WHITE WARD  – Love Exchange Failure

It is a 10/10 album. I hope you have read my review on it. If you haven’t – please check my thoughts here, and you will understand why the new WHITE WARD (officially out on 20 September) enters into today’s In Rotation. 

Please do not miss this album. 

SACRED RECIH – Awakening

I honestly didn’t expect such a monster album by SACRED REICH. I has never been a huge fan of the band, always respected them, liked “The American Way” the most, but never dig deep into their discography. However “Awakening” really surprised me. It is a great thrash record to be released in 2019. With tiny reminiscence for the end of the 80’s thrash era (or maybe it’s just me who feels it this way), it is solid, modern, catchy. Speed, riffs, melody, and I can sing along the lyrics. It hit me in the stomach immediately when it was released on the 23rd of August. 


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