IN ROTATION: Our most played albums in October 2019


Very busy October for me, but music kept me sane and going. The month was full with great new releases, I was able to revisit a few classic ones as well. BLUT AUS NORD, IMPERIUM DEKADENZ and MGŁA continued to be an integral constant part of my playlist. ALCEST, MAYHEM and even INSOMNIUM put out superb albums. Let’s check which five out of the many I picked here, again with the condition that I don’t include the albums I review for the zine.

MEGADETH – Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying
September 1986, Capitol Records

Who doesn’t know this one?! I played it a lot along with “Rust in Peace”. God, I hate the remasters version on each and every Megadeth album… 


TEITANBLOOD – The Baneful Choir
October 2019 Norma Evangelium Diaboli 

The heaviest and suffocating shit on Earth! The glorious new album by the Spanish guys was released in the middle of October, just to demonstrate how pathetic we are…

DÖDSRIT – Spirit Crusher
September 2018, Prosthetic Records

Metal Genteman reminded me about this album in his In Rotation piece for September. “Spirit Crusher” gave me the needed power in October…Awesome waves of riffs and energy.

AEGRUS – In Manus Satanas
October 2019, Saturnal Records

The brand new album by the Finish quartet hit on 1 October. Blasphemy, misanthropy, hate, death…AEGRUS are brutal af. 


VACIVUS – Annihilism
October 2019, Profound Lore Records

I listened to a lot of death metal in October. NIGHTFELL, VASTUM, BLOOD INCANTATION, HAUNTER, ECTOPLASMA, VULTUR were in severe rotation at me. For the last week of the month VACIVUS completed the above list of bands, with their perfect new album “Annihilism”. That’s why I put it here in order to spotlight it. The name says it all, and the music speaks louder.

Count Vlad

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