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Tyhjä – Tästä kuolevasta maailmasta

Band: Tyhjä
Title: Tästä kuolevasta maailmasta
Label: War Productions / Void Wanderer Productions
Release date: 28 December 2019
Country: Finland
Format reviewed: Digital Promo

What do you imagine when you hear deep underground? What kind of music, bands, the faces of the musicians, the styles they perform? It is dark, heavy, dungeonic, bestial, aggressive, blood boiling, mysterious, right?

What do you think of when you hear Finland? Vast, cold, dark forests. Thousand lakes. Snow, darkness, long night, pale light. Surreal northern lights. Mystical magic and mayhem.

TYHJÄ represent all the above – underground band, performing blasting black metal, coming from the Finnish cold darkness – Lappeenranta. Quartet’s first full-lenghth “Tästä kuolevasta maailmasta” was just released officially. It is what the raw black metal is all about – cold, emptyness, hatred, mysanthropy. Even the band’s name translates as “empty”.

Those 34 minutes contain 8 tracks in furious black metal. What instantly made me an impression was the crisp sound production of the drums, which I clearly hear over the raw furious (I’m going to repeat this multiple times obviously) guitars in the firts two tracks of the album. “Raivo” and “Halkaisja” are really blasting with grim bestial vocals. Then on “Äänetön kevät” the sound changes into a bit melower, and the track is slightly more “melodic”. It’s like this track, as well as the rest of the album was recorded in different studio, at different time. To be confirmed. “Maaksi Palava” and “Tuho” confirmed these impressions of mine. I wasn’t quit sure what was going on in the abrasive noisy “Kaukana Näkyvä Elämä” and mostly on the unpleasant drone “Irralaan Merkitystä Vailla”, they just add chaotic hellish feel to the whole thing. “Pojha” close the album in the same straightforward bestial manner. Shredding and primitive though.

“Tästä kuolevasta maailmasta” is defiinitely an album for the die-hard mysanthropic dark raw black metal. The album definitely is “sewed by” in time and it showcases the ups and downs the band have experienced. The second BM wave is an obvious inspiration, featuring some of the aggressiveness of the most furious name. I would judge that the album begins promising, but it then it drowns in grey. More ideas on the riffing and tremolos could have been included, with potential interchanges in tempos and construction of the tracks. The compositions are too much into one (and only one) direction, and hardly could be distinguished on first listen. That said, if you are into the black abyss of the undergound raw furiosity, make sure to check the record. It might lighten up your Christmas. Literally. 6/10 Count Vlad



Label (War Productions)

Label (Void Wanderer Productions)

6/10 We may survive!
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