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#Nihility 🇵🇹 out 8 January 2022

Two years following the release of their debut album “Thus Spoke The Antichrist”, Portuguese blackened death-metal four-piece Nihility are back with a new full-length album titled “Beyond Human Concepts”, which is set for release on January 8th via Vicious Instinct Records.
Their debut showed great promise with its powerful mixture of brutal death-metal riffs, complex rhythms, and frosty black-metal melodies, and on this new effort the modus operandi has not changed much, but the songwriting and execution are far better realized. Every song on this album hits our eardrums with hard intent and draws from a well-rounded palette of influences ranging from Cannibal Corpse’s insane brutality, Death’s technical dexterity to the bitter-cold melodies that bring to mind bands like Necrophobic.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Pedro Mendes at Ultrasound Studios Braga, “Beyond Human Concepts” is top-notch death-metal release that hopefully will catapult these Portuguese youngsters into the forefront of the European death-metal scene.



**Please support the underground! It’s vital to the future of our genre**

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