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2023, Premiere, The Penance

#NonServiam #VideoStream

Band: Non ServiamMusic video: MortrienAlbum: Death AtaraxiaCountry: FranceLabel: Trepanation RecordingsVideo release date: 13th March 2023 Trust anonymous Parisian noise-terrorists…

2021, Premiere

Trumbiten Stream

Father and son heavy metal duo, Trumbiten, come shredding from northern Sweden with one goal in mind, to connect and…

2021, Premiere

Fermentor Streaming

“Hey this is Dylan from Fermentor. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate being able to pre-order…

2021, Premiere

Nature Morte Streaming

Nostalgic pilgrimage.  Since its creation, Nature Morte has proven it many times: the trio does not fear any musical border. Between black metal , shoegaze and post-rock ,…

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