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2022, The Penance

#Khold 🇳🇴 #News

Norwegian Black Metallers KHOLD have released the third and final single for their upcoming new album! The “Evig” track is now streaming and is available on all usual…

2021, Reviews

Inflabitan – Intrinsic

Band: InflabitanTitle: IntrinsicLabel: Soulseller RecordsRelease Date: 26 February 2021Country: NorwayFormat reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording It was 1993 in Norway…

2021, Reviews

Valdaudr – Drapsdalen

Band: ValdaudrTitle: DrapsdalenLabel: Soulseller RecordsRelease date: 26 February 2021Country: Norway Format reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording If you needed a taste…

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