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2022, Reviews

Muert 🇪🇸 Haeresis

Band: MuertTitle: HaeresisLabel: Immortal Frost ProductionsRelease date: 28 January 2022Country: SpainFormat reviewed: high-quality digital recording I remember seeing the…

2021, Reviews

Bizarre – Invocation Codex

Band: BizarreTitle: Invocation Codex Label: Transcending Obscurity Records Release date: 29 October 2021 Country: SpainFormat reviewed: High-quality Digital Recording…

2020, Interviews

Aeolian Interview

For: The NegationistLabel: Black Lion RecordsProduced for: Blessed Altar ZineInterviewer: KMaN (Referred to as K)Interviewee: Raul Moran & Loeben…

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