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Technical Death Metal

2020, Reviews

Embodiment – Palingenesis

Band: EmbodimentTitle: PalingenesisLabel: IndependentRelease date: 24 April 2020Country: UKFormat reviewed: Digital Promo EMBODIMENT are a death metal band from…

2020, Reviews

Ara – Jurisprudence

Band: AraTitle: JurisprudenceLabel: IndependentRelease Date: 15 May 2020Country: USAFormat Reviewed: Digital Promo When I got this promo and look…

2019, Reviews

Flub – Flub

Band: Flub Title: Flub Label: The Artisan Era Release date: 7 June 2019 Country: United States Format reviewed: High-quality…

2019, Reviews

Cerebrum – Iridium

Band: Cerebrum Title: Iridium Label: Transcending Obscurity Release date: 21 December 2018 Country: Greece Format reviewed: Digital Promo Technical…

2018, Reviews

Samskaras – Lithification

Band: Samskaras Title: Lithification Country: Canada Label: Independent Release date: 26 October 18 Format reviewed: Digital Mp3 This time…

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